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Our commitment

We value our customers, and we want to make sure that everyone is satisfied with our service. This service is designed with you - the customer - in mind. Every transaction is validated to be safe and secure, free from frauds and fakes, to provide you with a trouble-free selling experience.

Listing is free

Register and list your item: it's simple and free. You don't pay anything until your item is sold.

Buyers across Canada

List your item for sale at, get exposed to interested buyers nationwide, and sell your item quickly.

Safe and trusted

We created a secure and reliable marketplace. Once your item is sold, we'll confirm the receipt of the full payment to you before you even ship the item. Once we receive the item, it'll be inspected by our independent experienced gemologist, who will validate that the item matches the listing. Once the item has been validated and cleared, we'll send the payment straight to you.

No hidden fees

Our services do not impose any hidden fees and you don't pay anything until the item is sold. Once the item is sold and the payment from the buyer is received, we simply retain 15% service fee plus applicable GST/HST, and send the rest of your money directly to you without hassle or delay.

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